Yes guys you got it right, today one of the most clicked girl on the web it’s her…

Probably many of you already know who she is, but for those who don’t we suggest to continue reading because the staff of WorldRap will present her.

Let’s talk about Hailie Jade Mathers, daughter of the famous U.S. rapper Eminem.

Hailie Jade Mathers, Eminems daughter queen of the web | WorldRap Il portale italiano del Rap

Hailie Jade Mathers was born on December 25, 1995 she has Blond hair and a big smile.

Of course she is not as famous as his father, but she’s starting to gain some popularity in the world of social network especially after the scandal with Taylor Swift with all the offenses that launched against her on Twitter telling her in other words that she is a *B…h*.

She thinks that she stole her boyfriend from her, Harry Styles the guy from One Direction.


Hailie Jade Mathers, Eminems daughter queen of the web | WorldRap Il portale italiano del Rap

The girl is born from the relationship of his father Eminem, who she is very attached, and Kimberly Anne Scott.

It seems that she is not affected at all by the divorce of his parents, because she is filled with attention and doesn’t miss anything.

The photos of the blonde Hailie, either alone or with friends, abound especially on Twitter, as well as on Facebook and YouTube.

She also has a Fan page in his honor where clearly emphasizes his affection towards his father, that she seems to be a staple in her life.

Well after all, not everyone can have as a father the most loved and sought rapper in the world from 1999 to the present, and seems to be the undisputed King of Rap

With more than 100 million records sold, including 45 million in the United States, is among the most successful artists in hip hop / rap.

The relationship between father and daughter is very strong, as mentioned, so much so that he often has dedicated songs like My Dad’s Gone Crazy, in which even the small Hailie sings..


There are also videos on YouTube that see the young protagonist of hilarious interpretations of the songs of One Direction, his favorite band.

We do not know if Eminem is very pleased with the musical tastes of his daughter, but the fact is that its popularity is clearly growing and could one day even exceed his father’s footsteps …

Do you guys think she has the style to build an empire bigger then what his father built?

Let us know what you think, Peace.